Monday, 2 August 2010

My version of the webster pages trim and Wow i just love it !!!

Oh my gosh i am so so so pleased with this trim i was just sitting around looking for something new to create when i came across the Webster's pages website
And i was looking for some of the Bloomers trim but it was not available over in the UK so i checked out eBay and one of the sellers wanted £21.86 just to ship and that was only for a yard of one colour and i don't have that kind of money just for one item.
So i looked up the trim and had a good look at it and tried to figure out how they made it well this is what i came up with.
I used white cotton for the first one i tried and i was so pleased with how it turned out then i was taking my washing out my washing machine and stood there for what felt like 10 Min's looking at a pillow case lol yes that is what the cream trim is made of and that turned out so much better then the white as it frayed lovely.

This is the cream one hung over my graphic 45 easel card i made isn't it just stunning hanging there in all its glory lol
I'm sorry if I'm blowing my own trumpet but i am so pleased with this accomplishment and i just cant believe how easy it was.

This is the white version what do you think, I laid in bed last night and made it in two more colours to one in peach and one in pink and oh the peach is very pretty.
I am so overwhelmed with the reaction it got on my you tube channel
so many comments and I'd like to thank you all so very much they were all so very kind and a tutorial will be coming later on today woo hoo.
Take care and happy crafting x

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