Thursday, 12 November 2009

Reese Pieces Cookies

Not been blogging for ages i have been moving and had no Internet and kids been poorly but I'm here now yay and got loads to show you.

These are my reese pieces cookies my kids loved them. It's hard to get American candy over here there are web sites you can it them from but can be expensive sometimes aldi does some and also asda as its owned by wall mart. But i found these in aldi and grabbed a load but didn't want to just sit down in front of corrie eating them i wanted to use them to make something and after bog hoping round some of my fave baking blogs i came across a m&m's cookie recipes and converted it to these they did turn out really well.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Yes christmas is coming

Hey everyone yes i no it's only june but every year ar christmas i sit there and think god i should've started early then i could've done craft fiars and decorations and my card but every year i don't so this year i am starting early and i'm loving it finding it hard to get into the swing of it what with the nice weather but i'm getting there. Here are a couple of gift card holders i made with the stamping up top note die which took me ages to get from america but yay i have it now along with loads of ideas the reindear i made with die's and punches i have i hope you like take care x

Monday, 15 June 2009

Yummy Chocolate Cake

I love Betty Crocker and her cake mixes cookie mixes they are just ace and very very yummy this was made from the devil chocolate cake mix with chocolate frosting so easy to make and so yummy to eat another cake that didn't last out the day.

Baked new york style cheesecake

Hey there yes i no I've not been blogging for ages

but I've done loads and am on i mission and I'm uploading loads of crafty and baking stuff over the next couple of days I've also been blog surfing and have found some really great blogs which i will also post on here.

Firstly I've been looking on the tin ter net for an easy baked cheesecake recipe and found one on

the love my Philly website which i must say is fantastic for recipes it is a 3 step cheesecake recipe and oh my god it turned fab so delicious and only lasted about an hour gonna give it another go thou as my dad thought he was being rather funny bless him he can be now and then he called it a quichecake the cheek of it lol .

The 3 step baked cheesecake
2 pkg. (8 oz. each) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 eggs
20 digestive biscuits crushed
2oz buter melted

BEAT cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with mixer
until well blended. Add eggs; beat just until blended.
MELT butter add to crushed biscuits then pour
cheese mixture on top
BAKE 40 min. or until center is almost set. Cool.
Refrigerate 3 hours

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Easter candy holder

I absolutely adore Lasting Impressions Stencils there so versatile there's not one time where i haven't looked a them and got filled with inspiration.
I got this template off the Internet somewhere I'm sorry i can't remember where it was called a library pocket so i hope that helps.
Of course i used my scallop punch again lol .

Easter's coming

Easter's coming

Good morning my little crafters I'm going to
try and add a few post everyday fingers crossed.
Well here's a super cute little 2,4,6,8 box i made with the cute little chirp up stamp from Very Punny Stamp set from stampin up.
And i finally have my scallop punch which i have been saving for yay i haven't stopped using it I'm scalloping everything lol.
i have made quite a few of these as i am going to give them out to my children's classes for Easter i hope they will like there filled with little chocolate eggs .

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Yummy yummy in my tummy

Yes i have been baking cooking and crafting my favourite past times. I have got the most simple recipe for the bast cupcakes every time either 12 small or 6 large muffin case ones which are my favourite.

Cup cakes recipe

4oz self raising flour
4oz caster sugar
40z butter/marg
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla

Put the butter/marg into a bowl add the sugar and cream together i use a hand whisk but you can do it with a spoon.
Once creamed add the 2 eggs and mix again then add vanilla then sift in flour sifting is optional .
Mix til becomes fairly thick if making large muffin cakes use a full table spoon of the mixture per cake case and a teaspoon full with the small cake cases.
then place in the oven for 15-20 Min's or until golden and bounce back when you press them.

Beer matts how useful they are

My brother runs a few pubs which is really handy for me being a little crafty as he has stacks and stacks of beer matt's which are the best form of chipboard for this lovely hanging Christmas decoration i made.

They cover really well with pva glue i have also used them to make the post it note holders desk tidy little scrapbooks and accordion albums i used them for the covers.

The papers i used were making memories i really adore them such christmasy (if that's a word lol) colours even thou it wasn't i Christmas paper pack and again these lovely glitters chipboard stickers oh there so cute.

Just a few christmas cards

Sorry I've not been keeping it up to date what with Christmas and poorly children I've run off my feet.

Here are a few cards i made before Christmas but have only just got round to putting them on here.

I love chipboard letters but when i found these glitter ones on eBay for 99p i was over the moon and had to use them i was inspired by star of may on you tube for this card.

I'm not to sure about the scallop on the side you see I've been hinting to my partner for months about the stampin up punches but he just doesn't seem to understand lol.

But YAY i no have a nice little collection of stampin up punches and accessories which you will see in my near future blogs.