Friday, 23 July 2010

Fabric flowers for sale

Hi everyone it's been a while i have had 2 very poorly little boys with croup not nice at all as it a night time virus. It does sound worse than it is but its still very scary especially because my eldest panics and struggles to breath bless him.
So i haven't managed to get allot of crafting done what i have managed to do thou whilst laying in bed watching TV was a few fabric flowers.
I went shopping with my mum into a large department store we have here in UK and looked at fabric per metre. Well omg we was stunned now I'm not loaded but i like to bargain buy with my craft money lol as do all crafters I'm sure.
Well anyway the cheapest piece of fabric was calico yes calico but that's not it, it was £7.49 per metre OMG i no see i did say i was stunned.So my dear mother suggested going to our local market and looking on the fabric stall so off we went well actually my mum went in a clothes shop and me and my youngest went to the market.
That was more like there was hundreds of rolls of fabric so i started looking round firstly i got some tulle in different colours only a £1.00 a metre.Then i asked if they had any off cut bags for sale and he took me over to box that was like a flower makers Aladdin's cave with a big sign above it that said 50p there was fabric in there that was 3 metres long.
So yes i brought the lot lol there was some really beautiful fabrics in there, and I'd had lots of ideas going round in my head for some flowers i wanted to make so when i got home after getting the kids from school and all the homework was done and pj's were on i waited for the house to go silent gathered my materials and up the wooden hill i went.
Here is some of the flowers i had come up with
I loved the way they turned out with the gorgeous vintage buttons i found on ebay the my creative imagination was going ten to the dozen and i came up with these
please go over to my Etsy shop and check them out as I'm selling them
I love the lollipop flowers the way its really crinkled up made the petals look even more life like it's amazing what you can make with a few off cuts of fabric and a needle and thread in fact i bet you could even go through your old clothes and find some fantastic fabrics to use.
Hope you enjoyed my rambling lol can't you tell I've been away lol well back on  track now i promise
Happy crafting everyone huge hugs from me x

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Crafting to stay sane! said...

Hi Toni, Hope your children are better now! Croup is not nice I can remember when mine had it as young children! Loving the flowers and what a great find at the market! have a good weekend! hugs Alyson x