Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Kids are on holidays now and updates

Hey everyone my babies are on there 6 week holiday from school and there already crafting lol there just like me except i get very nervous when there crafting and touching my stuff lol just a bit possessive i guess inks pads being left open punches all over the floor stamps not cleaned oh the joys lol.
But there having fun so that's all that matters.

Also my fabric flowers on my Etsy are all sold but I'm adding more items daily so be sure to check it out i will post some more items as i make them.
My babies are all better now thank god i honestly didn't think they were gonna ever get better bless them but my daughter didn't catch any thing not even a cold shes a tough little cookie well fingers crossed any way that its the end of the illness for this month, we do have our holiday to hunstanton to look forward to me the kids and my mum and sister its great i have not had a holiday for 6 years.

I'm off to make more flowers happy crafting everyone and hope you all have a wonderful summer

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