Thursday, 12 November 2009

Reese Pieces Cookies

Not been blogging for ages i have been moving and had no Internet and kids been poorly but I'm here now yay and got loads to show you.

These are my reese pieces cookies my kids loved them. It's hard to get American candy over here there are web sites you can it them from but can be expensive sometimes aldi does some and also asda as its owned by wall mart. But i found these in aldi and grabbed a load but didn't want to just sit down in front of corrie eating them i wanted to use them to make something and after bog hoping round some of my fave baking blogs i came across a m&m's cookie recipes and converted it to these they did turn out really well.

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Michelle said...

Your Reeses Pieces cookies look gorgeous! My little guy would love these...he always brings back Reeses when he has been to Florida to visit his Dad. By the way taking a look around your blog has made me feel so hungry...the chocolate cake looks divine. Uh oh might have to get a midnight snack!!!